To all of our Step Forward Day volunteers: Thank you!

December 7, 2016  | 1 min read

Pepperdine alumni, parents, family, and friends arrived in droves on Saturday, September 10, to celebrate Pepperdine’s mission at Step Forward Day. This year the Pepperdine alumni community served with 28 nonprofit organizations around the world. Volunteers as young as 5 years old pitched in to assist with tasks such as gardening, sorting food donations, providing much-needed maintenance, and more. Decked out in orange bandanas and Pepperdine gear, each Wave represented the University with pride, connected with his or her local community, and impacted the lives of others, all while celebrating the Pepperdine mission of purpose, service, and leadership.

Thank you to each and every Wave who used their Saturday to make a difference and serve their local communities.