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Of Service

Peggy Grande sat in the lobby of a Century City office building after a successful internship interview, waiting for the hiring manager to return with a validated parking ticket. It was 1989 and the Seaver College senior wasn’t sure she had enough cash on hand to pay the fee. She had just breathed a sigh of relief when the far door of the lobby opened and out walked two US Secret Service agents. Walking behind them was the man she enthusiastically hoped to work for.

“My heart went into total panic mode,” recalls Grande, of the thrill, excitement, and surprise that she felt upon seeing her hero in person for the first time. “I had prepared to meet my interviewer, but in all my preparation it never occurred to me I would actually meet ‘him,’ and there ‘he’ was walking toward me.”

Out of respect, and so as not to seem threatening, Grande stood up against the wall, put her hand over her heart, and looked off into the distance as former president Ronald Reagan passed, a most sincere reaction revealed in the spontaneity of the moment. Noticing Grande, President Reagan stopped, introduced himself, and asked her for her name. 

The self-proclaimed “nerdy little kid from Orange County who loved politics and government and presidents” had always been fascinated by the White House and Washington, DC, and had seen President Reagan once when he had visited Pepperdine’s Firestone Fieldhouse for a speaking engagement. Now face-to- face, she couldn’t believe she was being considered for an opportunity to work with him on a regular basis. Read the full article

David Chang


Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito Speaks at 41st Annual Law Dinner

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Pepperdine Magazine - Spring 2017

This issue of Pepperdine Magazine highlights the unexpected journey. School of Public Policy professor Christian McGuigan examines the strategic social, psychological, and political connections between culture and media; Peggy Grande (’89) unveils a behind-the-scenes look at the life and presidency of Ronald Reagan; and soccer player Lynn Williams (’15) shares how she secured herself a spot on the US Women’s National Team.

Law Magazine - Fall, 2014

Highlights include a look inside the Parris Institute for Professional Formation; a 30-year legacy left behind by retiring professor Janet Kerr; and celebrating a 10-year milestone for the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution.

Colleague - Spring/Summer 2014

This issue features topics such as the significance of adult friendships; bringing clean water to villages in Zambia; and how a past life in the aerospace industry translated to a career in academics.