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Led to Lead

As far as corporate buzzwords go, leadership has been at the top of many lists for the last few decades. Headlines implore us to consider the morning rituals of effective leaders and analyze the traits, best practices, and values that determine a person’s success in the workplace.

Leadership became an academic course of study in the post-World War II era, when soldiers returned home from service overseas, decorated, distinguished, and a little different than when they left. Their new confidence, bravery, and commitment to country established them as leaders, a term that at the time emphasized a heroism that was mostly transactional and by and large male.

As time moved forward, leadership—by definition and discipline—evolved to suggest a transformative impact on a group as opposed to its traditional interpretations.

“The heroic model of leadership doesn’t work anymore,” says Bernice Ledbetter, director of the Center for Women in Leadership and professor of organizational theory and management at the Graziadio School of Business and Management. “Current generations believe leadership is vested in the group, that diversity is normative, and that everyone’s voice needs to be heard. Everyone has a role to play and everyone can be part of both the conversation and also the enactment.” Read the full article

David Chang


Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito Speaks at 41st Annual Law Dinner

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Pepperdine Magazine - Fall 2016

This issue of Pepperdine Magazine recognizes leaders who work both in the spotlight and behind the scenes. Our collection of 40 outstanding alumni highlights professionals who actively demonstrate the University mission in their careers; election law expert Derek Muller lives out the School of Law’s commitment to forming students for the 21st-century law practice; and Jerry Golphenee (’62) celebrates 20 years of biblical scholarship in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Law Magazine - Fall, 2014

Highlights include a look inside the Parris Institute for Professional Formation; a 30-year legacy left behind by retiring professor Janet Kerr; and celebrating a 10-year milestone for the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution.

Colleague - Spring/Summer 2014

This issue features topics such as the significance of adult friendships; bringing clean water to villages in Zambia; and how a past life in the aerospace industry translated to a career in academics.