NFL Ratings Have Only Recovered Partially Since Election Night – Nelson Granados

December 6, 2016  | 1 min read

In a recent opinion piece published on, Dr. Nelson Granados, associate professor of information systems technology management, discusses NFL’s low ratings post-election. According to Granados, in early November, as the NFL season entered into week 9, cumulative viewership was down 13%. Yet his analysis suggested NFL viewership would recover after the presidential election on November 8. Just five days after Election Day, NFL viewership hit 80.5 million viewers, just short of last year’s 81.5 million. Granados explains the positive trend continued into week 11 when viewership bumped up to 100 million, exceeding last year’s 97.4 million viewers by 3%. Even with strong numbers during Thanksgiving weekend, he notes week 12 viewership was down 6% year-over-year. “Almost a month after election night, NFL ratings have recovered only partially and that should concern NFL executives,” says Granados. Read more.