Healthcare Symposium Speaker Dr. Belinda Tan Writes About the Importance of Using Telemedicine in Clinical Trials

March 15, 2019  | 1 min read

Dr. Belinda Tan, co-founder of Science 37, authored a piece on KevinMD about how telemedicine is increasing diversity in clinical trials. Dr. Tan will be a speaker at the Pepperdine Graziadio Healthcare Symposium on March 21 participating in the panel discussion about the intersection of smart technology and the business of healthcare. During this discussion Dr. Tan and the other panelists will discuss how smart technology is generating progressive clinical trials and enhancing patient experiences and outcomes.

Dr. Belinda Tan, a physician-scientist and educator, is driven by the audacious goal of building a universal medical-scientific ecosystem that will connect all people to scientists. In her piece on KevinMD, she writes that “an important part of advancing medical research and drug development is making participation in clinical trials easier and more inclusive. To develop treatments that work on men, women, and children of all ages and different ethnicities we need to have clinical trial data that represents our diverse population. Right now, when the FDA approves a new drug we know that it will be effective in some – but not all – patient populations. Fortunately, telemedicine is a game changer when it comes to accelerating drug development capabilities and extending patient reach. Enabling patients to participate in clinical trials from their home by giving them access to mobile nursing and video encounters with doctors opens up a whole new playing field.”