Miriam Lacey Authors Opinion on Entrepreneurs and the "High Hope" Environment

August 9, 2019  | 1 min read

Dr. Miriam Lacey authored an opinion piece in Small Biz Daily on how entrepreneurs can establish and lead high-hope organizations, and in turn, increase employee productivity and retain high quality employees. Last year, approximately 42 million employees in the United States voluntarily quit their jobs, costing U.S. businesses $1 trillion.

Dr. Lacey provides insight and four behavioral changes entrepreneurs can implement in order to create a high-hope organization and improve a business’ bottom line. Entrepreneurs must be 1) physically present, 2) create a proactive and ongoing communication channel, 3) establish goals with employees, and 4) use employee mistakes as teaching moments. Leaders that apply these tools and institute a high-hope environment as a core pillar to their business foundation can create a thriving and lucrative business. Read more.