Forbes: Dr. Paul Gift Provides Updates on UFC Antitrust Hearings

September 3, 2019  | 1 min read

Last week in Las Vegas, eight UFC attorneys and twelve plaintiff attorneys attended hearings for the UFC antitrust lawsuit. Pepperdine Graziadio’s Associate Professor of Economics Dr. Paul Gift, attended the week-long hearings and wrote blogs on Forbes about new information released and updates on the trial. Newly published financial information shows "strikeforce’s wage share of total revenues paid to fighters was 63% over its final few years, whereas UFC’s wage share of event revenues average 19.5% since 2011."

Dr. Gift explains the importance of these hearings. "The hearings are designed to help the judge decide whether to certify the suit as a class action or keep it a case of six fighters against the UFC." As economic diagrams and models were explained in non-econometrician way, Judge Boulware will have to assess key areas to determine whether or not a class certification is warranted. The court is in recess until September 12, when more experts will come forward to testify. Read more.