Dr. Mark Allen Featured on Coaching for Leaders Podcast with Dave Stachowiak

October 16, 2019  | 1 min read

Coaching for Leaders podcast with Dave Stachowiak hosted Dr. Mark Allen to discuss how leadership development can be tied to business results. Dr. Allen and Dave explore the changing demographics of today’s workforce and why talent acquisition and leadership development matter. At the peak of the baby booming era four million babies were born each year in the United States. Today a large percentage of baby boomers are approaching retirement age. Businesses are not prepared for the cut in the workforce and finding new employees with the proper skills. "Right now unemployment is under four percent in the U.S. and we are having trouble finding good people. This is before the mass exodus of the baby boomers. So it's not reasonable to assume talent."

Dr. Allen provides tips on linking leadership development with business results, "leadership development programs should not be designed to create better leadership. Leadership is not a business outcome - its a means to an end." Businesses must keep the end in mind and designed development programs with the goal of using the lessons to create business results. To hear more, listen to the podcast: Tie Leadership Development to Business Results.