Dr. Shawn Andrews' in Forbes: Are Men and Women Equally Emotionally Intelligent?

November 15, 2019  | 1 min read

As a new Forbes contributor, Dr. Shawn Andrews writes her first opinion piece for ForbesWomen asking the question if men and women are equally emotionally intelligent. A large percentage of people believe women are more emotionally intelligent than men, which may stem from the theory that women tend to express emotions more than men. Using the millions of emotional intelligence assessment conducted worldwide, Dr. Shawn shares that men and women are equally emotionally intelligent.

Numerous studies on emotional intelligence link success in work, life and leadership with higher emotional intelligence. Dr. Shawn takes a deeper dive on and studies the different emotional intelligence strengths or competencies that are considered gender-specific. These differences often advantage men and disadvantage women at work and play a key role in the leadership gender gap.

Dr. Andrews explores socialization and the power it has on who we become in society. Early lessons taught to children, as well as direct and indirect messages individuals receive throughout their lives go hand-in-hand with emotional intelligence skills. Women face the cross-pressure of communal qualities people prefer in women and agentic qualities people prefer in leaders, putting a burden on female leaders.

To address these disparities, Dr. Andrews recommends society to: change our vision of a leader and accept not all men and women fall into gender-specific emotional intelligence patterns. Read more.