Dr. Bernice Ledbetter Offers Insight into Corporate Governance in Los Angeles Business Journal

August 10, 2016  | 1 min read
In a recent article on Soylent CEO Robert Rhinehart’s unusual choice of housing (a shipping cargo container) and subsequent criminal charges for code violations and unpermitted construction, Dr. Bernice Ledbetter speculated on how the Soylent board might respond to the actions of their leader. “It can play out as an interesting entrepreneur, techie guy doing something off the beaten path, drawing attention to his company,” Dr. Ledbetter told the Journal. “Or, it can be perceived as reckless and teenager like and call into question his judgment and leadership.” Either way, she surmised, from a corporate governance perspective, Rhinehart’s position at Soylent, a meal-replacement startup, appears to be safe – at least in the near term. Read more here or see below.