“Crossroads” Becomes Official Student Organization at Seaver College

March 21, 2016  | 2 min read

After a thoughtful review process, Pepperdine is granting official recognition to “Crossroads,” a Seaver College student organization created for all students to examine questions of sexual and gender identity and the intersection with faith. The purpose of the group is to provide support and a safe place for open dialogue.

“I am grateful for the thoughtful and prayerful review of the Crossroads proposal because it honors the needs of our students and respects our historic relationship with churches of Christ,” said president Andrew K. Benton. “Our heritage guides us to cultivate a learning environment where Christ is revered, scripture is honored, and every student is loved and nurtured.”

Pepperdine continues to affirm the traditional Christian teaching on sexuality while encouraging ongoing study in a spirit of grace. Pepperdine celebrates the diversity that energizes such discussions while maintaining a fervent commitment to the unity that honors God in the pursuit of truth.

Crossroads states in its mission that it “is not a political club but instead a space for support and understanding. Crossroads holds on to the firm belief of respecting Pepperdine policies and ethics and will not advocate for any change other than the inclusion of LGBTQ students. In addition, this organization acknowledges and respects Pepperdine’s affirmation of the historical sexual ethic.” Pepperdine’s statement on sexual relationships is found in the Seaver College Student Handbook.

Seaver College senior David Hylton, co­president of Crossroads, shared that he is “completely honored and humbled to be a part of this process.” Hylton and co­president Jason Sim worked closely with students, faculty, and administration to create a club where everyone is welcome. According to Hylton, “Crossroads is a space where all students can come to ask questions and learn more about themselves and what they believe.”

According to Mark Davis, vice president for student life and dean of student affairs, Crossroads is part of a holistic approach to this ongoing conversation. “Crossroads promotes healthy dialogue and support among peers. The Office of the Chaplain will continue to offer programs on sexuality such as the ‘Transforming the Conversation’ forums and the ‘Table Talk’ series. I am also grateful for the partnership with the Student Government Association to improve our campus climate for all students. Pepperdine seeks to remain true to our Christian heritage regarding biblical teachings on sexuality while respecting the dignity and worth of all members of our community. We are committed to engaging LGBT members of our community openly, honestly, and meaningfully to promote understanding and respect. Our Christian mission compels us to foster an environment where every student is treated with love and grace.”