International Timple Player German Lopez to Perform at Smothers Theatre

September 22, 2016  | 1 min read

Esteemed timple player Germán López will bring his musical virtuosity to Smothers Theatre in Malibu on Wednesday, September 28, at 8 PM.

A native of Gran Canaria, one of Spain’s Canary Islands located off the northwestern coast of Africa, López is a conservatory-trained musician who blends the ancient traditions of the Canary Islands with musical brilliance. His instrument of choice is the diminutive five-stringed timple, intrinsic to music of the Canary Islands.

In his eagerness to experiment with new music, always starting from where the timple unfolds naturally, López recently released his album Root, which offers his approach to world music and flamenco. Captivated for years by the rhythmic and visceral richness of these genres, López moved into a new musical dimension with his timple on this album, exploring malagueñas (a Spanish dance similar to the fandango), polkas, tajarastes (native music of the Canary Islands), bulerías (a fast Flamenco rhythm), tanguillos (a style of tango), and rumbas, including original compositions by López himself. 

At the age of seven he entered the Conservatory of Music of Las Palmas, earning an eventual master’s degree in 2001. Since the age of 10, López has been performing publicly, which now includes collaborations with the symphony orchestra of Gran Canaria, and festivals such as WOMAD, Circuits INJUVE, and Expozaragoza. In 2014 he starred in the opening ceremony of the annual WOMEX conference, earning himself an unexpected and spontaneous standing ovation. 

Ticket prices range between $10 and $35 and are required for attendance. For additional information about the performance, and to purchase tickets, visit the Pepperdine University page on the TicketForce website.