Technology Expert to Discuss Artificial Intelligence at Pepperdine

April 8, 2019  | 1 min read

John R. EmeryJohn R. Emery, lecturer at Chapman University, will present “Killer Robots: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of War” in the Surfboard Room at Payson Library on Wednesday, April 10, at 4 PM.

Emery will examine the promises and pitfalls of the technology, robotics, and future of war by exploring the ethical and strategic dilemmas of warfare that arise with the advent of lethal autonomous weapons systems, drone swarms, and artificial intelligence. He will also address whether the prospect of killer robots without a “human in the loop” fundamentally influences how society thinks about killing in war, and will challenge the audience to rethink assumptions of humanity, ethics, and the narrative of the unchanging nature of warfare in the 21st century.

For additional information about this lecture, visit the Pepperdine Libraries website.