New Research Documents Benefits of Mobile Mental Health App Developed by GSEP Professor & Alumni

The MoodKit mood improvement app, developed by Drew Erhardt and Edrick Dorian

September 12, 2018  | 1 min read

The MoodKit mood improvement app, developed by GSEP Professor of Psychology, Drew Erhardt and alumnus Edrick Dorian (Psy.D., 2003) was recently evaluated in a randomized controlled trial conducted by David Bakker and colleagues in Australia.  The study comparedMoodKit and two other apps based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with a control group in a large (n=226) community sample.  Compared to the control group, participants who usedMoodKit experienced significant increases in mental well-being and decreases in depression.  The study appears in the journal Behaviour Research & Therapy. "We're pleased that the pace of research into the use of mobile technology to deliver aspects of CBT is picking up," says Erhardt, "and are particularly gratified to see evidence emerging for the benefits of MoodKit with respect to users' moods and well-being." Additional studies examining the benefits of the MoodKit app are underway.