Professor Rick Cupp Quoted in An Elephant's Personhood on Trial

The Atlantic

March 6, 2019  | 1 min read

Professor Richard L. Cupp is quoted in the Atlantic article, "An Elephant's Personhood on Trial." The article discusses Professor Cupp's objections to animal legal personhood in context of addressing recent developments related to animal legal personhood litigation.

Excerpt from An Elephant's Personhood on Trial:

Richard Cupp, an animal-law professor at the Pepperdine School of Law, worries that extending rights to animals could ultimately erode our own. “Courts and society might, with this new paradigm, be tempted not only to look at more intelligent animals as being like humans,” he said in a debate with Wise, “but start to think of less intelligent humans a little more like animals.”

Cupp also fears opening a “floodgate of litigation” as animal advocates work their way through the animal kingdom, moving from elephants and chimpanzees to common creatures...

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