MBA Program Introduces New SEER Certificate

August 31, 2010  | 1 min read

This fall the Graziadio School will launch its new Social, Environmental, and Ethical Responsible Business Practice (SEER) Certificate Program, which will allow students interested in eco-entrepreneurship to enhance their graduate business school experience and career opportunities while furthering the school's emphasis on responsible business practice.

Student interest and engagement has intensified in recent years around topics such as corporate citizenship, conservationism, green marketing, environmental stewardship, social enterprise, corporate social responsibility, and social entrepreneurship. Now students may earn a certificate that will strengthen their understanding of the strategic issues for business and secure an added credential for pursuing careers in values-centered, socially relevant, and environmentally focused fields.

"The Pepperdine eco-entrepreneur SEER certification will prepare students to begin integrating an eco-systems approach not only to emerging businesses but also existing organizations that aspire to evolving their respective business models to embed corporate social responsibility into their firms' DNA," says Michael Crooke, the former Patagonia president and CEO who is joining the Graziadio School faculty to steward the program.