Public Policy Professor Explores “What Would Reagan Do? Modernizing the Gipper for the Age of Obama”

April 29, 2013  | 1 min read

Steven F. Hayward, Spring 2013 William E. Simon Distinguished Visiting Professor at the School of Public Policy, addressed “What Would Reagan Do? Modernizing the Gipper for the Age of Obama” on March 19 in the James R. Wilburn Auditorium.

As Ronald Reagan remains the beau ideal of a statesman for conservatives, Hayward explored questions like: How might Reagan, who was skillful at adjusting his perspectives and arguments to fit changing circumstances, think and talk about the current political scene? And what basic and underlying principles and approaches that we observe in Reagan’s record can be emulated today?

Hayward is the author of The Age of Reagan, a highly-regarded, two-volume narrative history of Ronald Reagan and his effect on American political life. For the last decade Hayward was the F. K. Weyerhaeuser Fellow in Law and Economics at the American Enterprise Institute and a Senior Fellow at the Pacific Research Institute.

He writes frequently on such topics as environmentalism, law, economics, and public policy for various national publications. Among many other published books, he is the author of the Index of Leading Environmental Indicators, published in 14 editions and its successor, the Almanac of Environmental Trends. Hayward is currently teaching American Democratic Culture: The Nature of Presidential Leadership during his semester at Pepperdine University.