Global Justice Program at the School of Law Hosts Preview Screening of REMAND

May 2, 2016  | 1 min read

A preview screening of REMAND, a Revolution Pictures documentary about the work by the School of Law’s Global Justice Program in Uganda, took place on November 21 at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica.

Registration was open to the public for the screening, as well as for the Producers’ Dinner, which featured Baylor University president and former School of Law dean Kenneth W. Starr, film director Andy Reale, Pepperdine vice chancellor and the film’s executive producer Janet Kerr, and many of the students who participated in the prison project featured in the film.

Also present at the Producers’ Dinner was Global Justice Program director Jim Gash, who won the appeal of a young Ugandan man’s murder conviction last summer, after having spent several years working on the case.

The film’s primary focus was the execution and results of a powerful idea developed by two Pepperdine law students, which led to major changes in the Ugandan criminal justice system and benefited thousands of people. The announcement of the film’s completion and preview screening followed a successful crowdfunding campaign during mid-2015 to raise $150,000 for a follow-up to the film’s original content.