Associate Dean Robert deMayo Receives California Psychology Association Award

July 27, 2016  | 1 min read

The California Psychology Association (CPA) awarded Graduate School of Education and Psychology (GSEP) associate dean Robert deMayo with the 2016 Silver Psi Award, an honor given to psychologists who have made a significant and continued contribution to the CPA.

“I am deeply honored to receive this award from CPA and consider it a recognition of the outstanding collective work we do at Pepperdine in educating mental health professionals to serve the people of California,” said deMayo.

“I have had the privilege of mentoring psychology students for the past 26 years at GSEP,” he continues. “Every day I draw inspiration from the way our psychology students and alumni positively impact diverse and underserved communities. I am very grateful for this recognition from the California Psychological Association, which has been tireless in advocating for the profession of psychology and those we serve.”

DeMayo was joined by other recipients who were recognized for their outstanding service to the CPA, those who have made exemplary contributions to the profession and field of psychology, and those who have contributed significantly to the CPA’s advocacy agenda.