Graduate School of Education and Psychology Presents Lecture on the Female Perspective

July 24, 2017  | 1 min read

The Graduate School of Education and Psychology (GSEP) presented the panel discussion “The Women’s Table - Wholeness from a Female Perspective” as part of the Margaret J. Weber Distinguished Lecture Series.

Under the 2016–2017 theme of “Wholeness: The Intersection of Faith, Academics, and Culture,” this event explored themes of religion, intellect, and social impact, and how they intersect to promote personal and professional fulfillment.

Special guests included representatives from the Central Basin Municipal Water District, Muslim Public Affairs Council, and Pace Universal.

“It is the role of academia to encourage communication across disciplines, thoughts, domains, and even theological perspectives,” shares GSEP dean Helen E. Williams. “It is often within sustained dialogue that we find the deeper meaning of any one point of view, and therein we often discover common ground as well. We must teach our students to seek solutions to challenges by engaging in productive civil disagreement coupled with productive civil discourse.”