This issue of Pepperdine Magazine highlights stories of innovation, creativity, and the challenges of embarking upon unprecedented ventures. Pepperdine alumni, faculty, and a world-renowned cardiologist examine the ways artificial intelligence will continue to transform the healthcare industry; Ben Holcomb (’14), Office of Admission staff member and creator of Pepperdine's four-year docuseries Rising Tide, explores the show’s 32-episode journey; Lori Gottlieb (MA ’10), a journalist turned psychotherapist, discusses her latest New York Times bestseller, currently being developed for television; Seaver College professors Lauren Amaro, Theresa de los Santos, and Nataria Tennille Joseph join forces with a group of students to investigate the benefits and consequences of social media groups for moms; and Judith L. Wood (JD ’81), an immigration attorney who has represented thousands of refugees, shares the details of her 40-year career, now the subject of a feature film.


As the healthcare industry moves swiftly into an increasingly technological age, experts weigh in on the factors, fears, and future prospects of artificial intelligence-powered innovation
He set out to tell the Pepperdine story from the perspective of five Seaver College students. Now the alumnus, videographer, and admission staff member shares his own story from behind the lens
Based on tales from her own exercises in self-reflection, an alumna applies the art of storytelling to psychotherapy with wit and wisdom


Learn about the common environmental threats to historical materials and how Pepperdine preserves its prized collection of rare cultural heritage items
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Campus Notes

Explore fun facts about Pepperdine University

July 12, 2019  | 1 min read
Explore fun facts about Pepperdine University


Campus Notes

Explore fun facts about Pepperdine University

Inside Voices

For many, May 1 is a day that symbolizes the beginning of a new journey.

The Cut

Research shows that more than half of working professionals will experience symptoms of burnout


President-elect Jim Gash (JD ’93), the first alumnus to be named president of Pepperdine, gathers with supporters at his official community welcome event on March 4

Editor’s Letter

As a child and into my adolescence I would pore over my parents’ medical books that lined the dark shelves in their shared office