The Spring 2018 issue of Pepperdine Magazine explores the concept of home, and the different ways we are affected by changes in our living conditions. Alumni Elvina Beck (’08), Michael Lucarelli (MBA ’16), Paul Sirisuphang (MBA ’16), and Derek Day (MPP ’16) have contributed to developing new ways for individuals and families to find housing; Seaver College professor Dan E. Caldwell has teamed up with student veterans like Jessica Egan (’15) and Luis Murillo to help create a welcoming environment that will ease the transition from military life to civilian life; and Michael “Tank” Gonzales (JD ’08) and David Andrade (MPP ’11) traveled to Puerto Rico to feed those whose homes have been destroyed by Hurricane Maria.


Home isn’t always sweet, and the barriers to attaining—and maintaining—housing are abundant. Here’s what a group of Pepperdine people are doing about it
Amid a surge of social and political movements that have captured 
the nation's interest, Pepperdine students embarked on an annual experience to learn about the history behind the headlines
Student veterans share their experiences of combat, camaraderie, and the classroom


Catch a glimpse into the town of Ponce, Puerto Rico, in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria
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To Gratefulness

Appreciating Armenian Christianity

October 29, 2009  | 1 min read
Christianity is at the very heart of Armenian identity. Even if people do not attend church regularly, being Armenian is almost coterminous with a Christian identity.

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The Spring 2018 issue of Pepperdine Magazine explores the different meanings of home