This issue uncovers how the members of the University community have found and fulfilled their own unique purpose by venturing beyond the worlds they know and exploring their calling away from home. In our cover story, we learn of the hundreds of international students planting new roots on campus; former US Navy SEAL William “Bill” Wagasy (JD ’00, MDR ’01) discovers a more personal mission that sends him on four tours of duty; and for almost 40 years, artist-educator Joe Piasentin has encouraged students around the world to expand their curiosity.


A Pepperdine project explores how women worldwide cope with the increasing demands of work and personal life.
The School of Public Policy summer internship program enables students to explore their passions in Washington, D.C., and beyond.
Pepperdine aims to provide campus-wide support to meet the unique challenges faced by international students.


The men’s basketball team met Charles “Buck” Smith (’47), a 94-year-old alumnus who played basketball at Pepperdine during the 1941–1942 and 1942–1943 seasons.


Alumna Marcia Newman (MA ’86) draws on her 30 years of experience in the mental health field and writes a fresh response to our anti-aging culture.
Professor Susan Helm and her team are working hard to make Pepperdine’s nutritional science program a leader in the field.
Janis Spire (MBA ’87) serves Los Angeles’ most vulnerable children by leading the Alliance for Children’s Rights.
A record-breaking swimmer motivates her team with a clever blend of skill and spunk.
Stacy Davis exercises his natural flair for leadership on and off the court.
Rock and Roll High founder Aaron Burch’s (’02) life is a love song to rock music, now with a B-side of politics.
Seaver College Professor of Art Joe Piasentin encourages students around the world to stay curious.
U.S. Navy SEAL William Wagasy (JD ’00, MDR ’01) retired from active duty with a new mission: to serve those who have served their country.

Inside Voices

The values of purpose, service, and leadership that Pepperdine both states and lives out have met and contributed materially to our family culture.

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Pepperdine students and staff are finding new ways to achieve their goals through technology.

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Far from home, but close to the heart.
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