The spring 2015 issue of Pepperdine Magazine celebrates the dreamers and the aspirations that the University is helping them live out. Through the University’s Microenterprise Program, students mentor disadvantaged entrepreneurs in establishing microbusinesses or finding employment; Ehsan Zaffar (JD ’07) envisions a world where all people have access to religious freedom and basic human rights; and Seaver College physics students travel to a desolate valley in Norway to further their aurora borealis research.


Pepperdine students use their education to help real-world enterprise.
A team of Seaver College physics students travels to a remote wilderness to further their research.
At age 73, Jim White ('64) is in the spotlight for his quiet work in McFarland, California.
Seaver College faculty members provide insight into their personal journeys with intellectual doubt.
The Campaign for Pepperdine makes history and affirms the University's vision for transforming lives.


During an educational field trip while studying abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a group of International Programs students took a long and bumpy overnight bus ride to a place where the soil meets the sky.


Ten years ago, then Seaver College senior Ileana Abreu headed to the Caribbean island of the Dominican Republic as a Project Serve volunteer for what would be a life-changing spring break.
Lauren Gibbs (MBA '14) puts a lucrative career on hold to pursue a new dream.
At the Department of Homeland Security, School of Law alumnus Ehsan Zaffar (JD ’07) champions civil rights close to home and beyond.
A new program at Pepperdine aims to develop the leadership skills and enrich the souls of early-career pastors.
Pepperdine baseball coach Steve Rodriguez (’01, MA ’03) has come full circle after making history on the field as a student-athlete.
Pepperdine Magazine talks art with Weisman Museum director Michael Zakian.
Backstage at Dance in Flight and Songfest, it is a flurry of action and a whirl of costumes, makeup, and props as multiple performers prepare for their turn in the spotlight.
Pepperdine problem solvers are working hard to revolutionize plastic.

Inside Voices

Almost everyone involved in the career mobility debate agrees that education is key to greater employment opportunities and personal wage growth.

The Cut

Pepperdine professors have unique interests beyond their expert academic knowledge.

Editor’s Letter

Thank you for supporting all of the dreams that Pepperdine University makes possible for every member of its family.
Thanks for the kind write-up. I’m so honored to have a wealth of talent surrounding me, driving the whole company forward into the great unknown.