The spring/summer 2014 issue features how some inspirational members of the Pepperdine community discovered their life’s calling. For Seaver nutrition professor Loan Kim, it came on a disabled boat under desperate circumstances while escaping Vietnam as a child. For GSEP’s Daryl Rowe, it was learning about his grandfather, who disappeared in the 1930s while helping fellow African Americans register to vote. And for alumni Jared (’01) and Natalie (’01) Hankins, it started with the realization of how to meaningfully share the lessons of Christianity with their children.


California realist Wayne Thiebaud played a seminal role in the Pop Art movement of the 1960s. He developed a national following in 1962 with his signature paintings of popular American food, including pies, cakes, ice cream cones, and other sweets.
After enduring unspeakable hardship in her youth, a lifelong nutrition scholar improves health conditions in communities close to home and beyond.
After years of treating the challenges unique to African Americans in his private practice, Graduate School of Education and Psychology professor Daryl Rowe is developing the tools to lead them to recovery.
Harnessing a lifelong love of the sport and a devotion to his heritage, School of Public Policy alumnus Luke Salas reveals the reality of Cuba through the camera lens.


English is a valuable skill in Nicaragua, with too few teachers to meet the need.


Graziadio School professor Ed Rockey seeks meaning in his work.
School of Law professor Kris Knaplund champions the rights of individuals born through assisted reproductive technology.
Six Pepperdine alumni join forces to produce the first New Testament-only themed animated children’s series.
Pepperdine's new chaplain reflects on her call to ministry and her hopes for her future at the university.
A local all-star brings her record-breaking skills to the Waves women’s soccer team.
Seaver music composition students experience the unique opportunity to contribute to film history.
Two Seaver faculty members make beautiful music together.

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Kris Knaplund counts these words of wisdom from Mark Twain among her favorite quotes: “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”