The summer 2013 issue of Pepperdine Magazine illustrates the development of new life perspectives. School of Law alumnus Monty Moran (JD ’93) shares how he shook up the fast-food model with his hands-on approach to doing business; GSEP psychology professor Lou Cozolino reveals how understanding our brains as social organs can transform education; and a new program at Seaver College is changing what it’s like to be a sophomore in Malibu.



Pepperdine professors and students get a never-before-seen look at ancient religious artifacts using an innovative imaging technology.
Faculty, staff, and students at Seaver College join forces to create a memorable, identity-enhancing Sophomore Experience for students who stay in Malibu.
Monty Moran (JD ’93) left law firms behind to pursue a not-so-likely career in the restaurant business.
Psychology professor Louis Cozolino reveals how both our brains and our relationships shape how we learn.


Visitors, take note: you may cross paths with some furry, four-legged creatures on campus.

Inside Voices

When M. Norvel Young became the third president of George Pepperdine College on November 21, 1958, he spoke in his inaugural address of Pepperdine’s unique role in higher education.

The Cut

As Pepperdine’s 2013 graduates crossed the stage to receive their diplomas and begin their lives as alumni, they were sent off by a distinguished group of commencement speakers who offered personal lessons they learned in life after school.

Editor’s Letter

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In this issue of Pepperdine Magazine, we meet many in the Pepperdine community who are forging new ways to look at things.