The fall 2010 issue of Pepperdine Magazine sheds light on the nature of human existence and other complex ideas at the intersection of science and faith. Seaver College professors of science, religion, and philosophy offer their unique perspectives on the Higgs boson and what it means to all of us. It also examines several core ideas valued by the Pepperdine community—creativity, leadership, commitment to service, and innovation—generously lived out by students, faculty, and alumni.


Alumni and faculty working as film and television writers share their creative secrets.
Seaver College students gain real-world experience in the Washington, D.C. Internship Program.
Pierre-Richard Prosper's (JD '89) roles as U.S. ambassador thrust him into the public eye, but it's his current position as partner at Arent Fox that has allowed him to tackle high-profile cases with diplomatic connections on a private level.
Pepperdine professors take on the science, faith, and mystery of the Higgs Boson.


On September 19, Founder’s Day 2012, Dolores, the beloved mascot and guardian angel-cherub of the original George Pepperdine College campus in South Los Angeles, was unveiled in a special ceremony at the Malibu campus.


Graziadio School alumnus Jack Schlafer applies his global business background to developing culturally intelligent business practices.
Kimberly Greene (MA ’93, EdD ’99) integrates media, technology, and education to create meaningful experiences for diverse audiences.
School of Public Policy professor Michael Shires helps revolutionize the polling process.
Jessie Johnston (JD ’11) shares her journey back to church and her goal to take area criminals with her.
Some of the ways that the University community joined together in acts of service for this year’s Step Forward Day.
Nona Lee explains her journey from sports to sports law.
Lou and Kathy Colombano adopt Waves men’s basketball and show their unwavering support for the Pepperdine family.
Pepperdine Drama debuts two new plays at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and wins the prestigious Fringe First Award.
Ryan Board nurtures a family of student ambassadors through Pepperdine’s choral music program.

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IT’s strategic partnership with faculty continues to innovate new ways in teaching and learning that prepare our students to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

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You asked and he answered. President Benton takes questions from Pepperdine Magazine readers.

Editor’s Letter

Scientists at CERN discovered evidence of the Higgs boson, a particle believed to give others mass.
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