The summer 2011 issue of Pepperdine Magazine shares stories of individuals who have embarked on their own personal and intellectual paths of discovery: alumni who traveled the globe as Peace Corps volunteers; Professor Ed Larson, who journeyed to Antarctica to capture tales of exploration to that stark and distant terrain; and faculty from the Graziadio School of Business and Management as well as the Graduate School of Education and Psychology, who navigate the paths all professionals wander through while on the road to workplace satisfaction.


Pepperdine alumni recall their experiences abroad as the Peace Corps reaches a milestone.
Do you welcome the challenge of a new day on the job? Do you feel as though you are making a difference through your work? Do you find a higher purpose in what you do for 40-plus hours a week?
Science, Theology, and the Academy Come Together at the 31st Annual Christian Scholars' Conference.
On the eve of its publication, Larson shares an excerpt with Pepperdine Magazine.


President Benton shares his vision for the Campaign for Pepperdine at this historic event.


As an education policy intern at the White House, School of Public Policy student Hattie Arrington begins a journey of creating change in our schools.
Long-time conservationist Michael Crooke inspires CEOs of tomorrow in the Graziadio School's SEER program.
Since founding the Karachi Relief trust in Pakistan in 2007 to provide relief following natural disasters, Khayam Husain (MBA ’90) has witnessed the transformative power of community.
Psychology professor Steven Rouse proposes that to believe in a loving God is to believe in a loved self.
Award-winning accounting professor Farrell Gean remembers his outstanding college baseball and basketball career.
Brothers Andrew and Michael Putnam chase a shared dream on the golf course.
Award-winning olive oil taster Elliott Taylor puts his discriminating palate to work.
A husband-and-wife team of Seaver studio art alumni finds a middle ground between their creative passions and entrepreneurial pursuits.


The Campaign for Pepperdine: Changing Lives launched May 14 at the L.A. Live ballroom
Gary Haugen, the founder, president, and CEO of human rights agency International Justice Mission (IJM), joined the School of Law faculty in April to teach a seminar.
The Davenport Institute for Civic Engagement and Public Leadership at the School of Public Policy has launched two new blog sites relating to public engagement in governance.
Pepperdine’s PACIS Project of Faith-Based Diplomacy, housed in the No. 1-ranked Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, has announced a new concentration in faith-based diplomacy.
Students in the Urban Fellows program at GSEP gave final presentations summarizing their yearlong research and service learning efforts in urban communities.
Students from all five schools of Pepperdine University entered a new chapter in their lives when they walked across the graduation stage this summer.
Multi-award-winning composer, conductor, and pianist Marvin Hamlisch taught a master class to Pepperdine students and performed a concert in Smothers Theatre.
Matthew Fong (MBA ’82), member of the Pepperdine University Board of Regents and former California state treasurer, passed away June 1 after a long battle with cancer.
The Graziadio School of Business and Management developed a measurable process this year for uncovering commercialization opportunities for existing intellectual property.
Both Pepperdine University and the NCAA recognized outstanding achievement this spring from Waves student-athletes.
Dan Caldwell, Distinguished Professor of Political Science at Seaver College, offers a holistic view of the wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq and their interrelationship in his new book.
Many Pepperdine faculty members released new books this year. Some titles include: Drugs and Drug Policy, An Empire of Ice, Management Reset, and Culturally Adaptive Counseling Skills.


This issue of Pepperdine Magazine is filled with stories of individuals who have embarked on their own personal and intellectual paths of discovery.
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