The fall 2010 issue turns the spotlight on members of the Pepperdine community who have made a difference in the world by taking taken big, brave, and bold strides. School of Public Policy professor Angela Hawken discusses her groundbreaking work with undercover researchers in Syria; president Andrew K. Benton shares his perspective on why it is important for the University to take decisive steps on the road to national prominence in athletics, and Carmen Landrum (’38) traveled from Kentucky to Los Angeles in 1937 to become part of Pepperdine’s first graduating class, just four students strong.


Meet Carmen Landrum, one of Pepperdine's first graduates remembers the earliest days of the University.
Since 2006 Hawken has been leading the randomized controlled trial of Hawaii's Opportunity Probation with Enforcement (HOPE) program.
Wayne Strom celebrates 40 years in Pepperdine classrooms, helping business students unlock their full potential.
How should we respond to this latest encroachment of consumer technology?
Apple's iPad has taken the technology world by storm, but is it useful in the classroom? Pepperdine launches a new initiative to find out.


Pepperdine fans of all ages cheered as the Waves basketball teams took to the court of Firestone Fieldhouse for Blue and Orange Madness.


Poplin channeled her experiences into her book and shared her story with hundreds of students and visitors as keynote speaker at Pepperdine's second Veritas Forum.
Ray Meltvedt was a churchgoing undergraduate in early 1980s Malibu when he experienced a profoundly simple religious epiphany.
Broadway caricaturist Matt Logan captures the theatrical spirit in pen strokes.
Meet two standout Pepperdine athletes who are just getting better with age.
Law alumnus Rich Cho takes the helm of the Portland Trail Blazers and becomes the first Asian American general manager in the history of the NBA.
The Graduate School of Education and Psychology debuts its Dean's Distinguished Lecture Series with a journey to the business core of social enterprise.
As senior gender advisor to the United Nations in Lebanon, School of Public Policy alumna Kristen Cordell creates peaceful policy for women among the ashes of conflict.
School of Public Policy alumnus Chris Paulson revives his hometown of Alhambra from the ground up.

Inside Voices

From my perspective, strong athletic programs contribute greatly to the life of the individual athlete and the life of the university as a whole.

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Visiting professor of Humanities and Teacher Education, and Director of the Social Action and Justice Colloquium, Service Learning, and International Internships.

Editor’s Letter

As one who loves our church heritage and the stories of the people who shaped our movement, I am thrilled to have the Churches of Christ Heritage Center at Pepperdine.
We turn the spotlight on members of the Pepperdine community who have taken big, brave, and bold steps of their own.