This issue of Pepperdine Magazine features students, alumni, and faculty who continually strive for excellence at every stage of their lives. Throughout his 60-year career, photographer Lawrence Schiller (’57) has captured the incredible true stories of some of the most fascinating people in modern history; At 71, Seaver College professor Laurie Nelson is a recent national and international weightlifting champion; and former real estate broker Dylan Hood (MPP ’17) uses his business expertise to help previously incarcerated individuals overcome the risk of recidivism.


From Marilyn to Nehru, photographer Lawrence Schiller (’57) captured the incredible true stories of some of the most fascinating people in modern history.
See how extraordinary Pepperdine alumni are making a difference in their communities and careers.
Alumnus Robert Kyncl (MBA ’97) is devoted to digital evolution at one of the world’s most dynamic, creative, and disruptive entertainment destinations.
During a summer internship program in Israel, a group of students explores the rich politics, culture, and history of the Middle East.


Since 2007 Pepperdine students have been living in the Maison du Lac facility in Switzerland.


A chance encounter transforms an entrepreneur’s hunt for a second career.
Volleyball player Heidi Dyer overcomes major surgery to become a star—and inspire others.
Christopher Doran (‘98, MDiv ’02) strives to make his university a leader in sustainability.
Michael Zakian reflects on the Frederick R. Weisman Museum’s contemporary art collection.
A professor demonstrates the power of the human body when she sets an Olympic world record.
Russian-American comedian Yakov Smirnoff heals relationships through the science of laughter.

Inside Voices

The great strength of Pepperdine is its faith-fueled caring community.

The Cut

Kevin McGowan (MPP ’10) offers tips for navigating through potential dangers and the fallout.

Editor’s Letter

As an editor, I know my best work is inspired by the threat of impending deadlines.