The Summer 2018 issue of Pepperdine Magazine highlights stories of students and alumni who have successfully confronted and overcome the greatest of life’s challenges. Hawaiian native Cayla Moore embarked upon the unknown waters of Malibu to attend Pepperdine’s business degree program and in the process became a national surfing champion; after surviving a shooting spree as a young child, Graduate School of Education and Psychology student Josh Stepakoff discovered new and affective methods for achieving healing and recovery; School of Law alumna Rebecca Harkness (JD ’07) pursues a life of purpose dedicated to the welfare of the most vulnerable members of society in children’s court; and Seaver College senior Teyha Braun applies her painting skills to help herself and others heal from the traumatic aftermath of sexual assault.


The Pepperdine surf team makes University history when a new member wins a national surfing competition
During the George W. Bush administration, Troy Senik (MPP ’07) was one of the voices behind the most powerful man in the world. Today, he continues to shape public opinion in his own words
After surviving a hate-fueled shooting spree as a child, a psychology graduate student reflects on the complexities of recovery


Explore Pepperdine University commencement seasons throughout the decades


As the country’s honeybees face decimation, alumnus Jeffrey Lee (’90) has stepped up to save them
Seaver College student Tehya Braun is committed to creating art that will help fellow sexual assault survivors heal
Students seek spiritual mentors to help guide them toward a deeper relationship with God
School of Law alumna Rebecca Harkness (JD ’07) pursues a life of purpose in children’s court
At the Portland Police Bureau, Chief Danielle Outlaw (MBA ’12) is changing perceptions of policing nationwide
After a whirlwind career of wins, Lorenzo Romar is back at Pepperdine and ready to take the Waves to the top

Campus Notes

As fire season heats up in Malibu, Pepperdine’s lieutenant of fire and safety preparedness tackles hot topics.

Inside Voices

“Pepperdine is listening and giving back to its alumni, and it’s doing amazing things to connect us once again.”

The Cut

While the night sky looks basically the same as it did for the ancient civilizations, it changes drastically throughout the year due to Earth’s orbit.


Guests at this year’s Seaver College graduation ceremony were moved to laughter and shrieks when two brown pelicans dove into the crowd and caused quite a commotion.

Editor’s Letter

In the pages of this issue, we meet others who have confronted seemingly untameable forces with great conviction and emerged with a renewed sense of identity and purpose.