The Fall 2018 issue of Pepperdine Magazine highlights stories of those who have enthusiastically taken initiative to travel down unknown paths, determined to make a difference in places yet unexplored. Alumni from around the globe are spreading their passion for purpose, service, and leadership by breaking new grounds in medicine, law, finance, education, and the arts. The School of Public Policy partnered with a community college in Northern California to encourage Hayward residents to partake in civic engagement; former Division I swimmer and mental health counselor Stephanie (Prince) Donaldson (’03) becomes the first-ever director of athletic performance at Boise State University; and international traveler Michael Bennett (MBA ’06, EdD ’13) provides the tools and resources to help others create journeys of self-discovery.


Selected from hundreds of nominations, meet 20 of Pepperdine’s outstanding alumni abroad who are dedicating their skills and talents to improving lives around the world
Pepperdine’s newest residence hall takes sociability, accessibility, and sustainability to new heights
In honor of its 50th anniversary, the Graziadio Business School celebrates its entrepreneurial heritage and its dean’s vision for the future


The California Department of Fish and Wildlife, an agency that oversees the protection of mountain lions and their habitats, estimates that there are between 4,000 and 6,000 of the large cats statewide


An independent film producer’s critically acclaimed movie breaks new ground in Hollywood
A former Pepperdine student-athlete becomes the first full-time mental health resource for Boise State University Athletics
One GSEP alumna has made faith-driven philanthropy her second full-time job
If you’re looking for a customized travel adventure, one Pepperdine alumnus will book you a flight to your inner self
In a culture dominated by diverse voices and divisive opinions, the need for ethical communication has never been greater
The School of Public Policy partners with one of the nation’s most diverse cities to empower its residents to create a shared vision for their community

Campus Notes

A psychologist brings her A game to Pepperdine as the University’s first-ever athletics counselor

Inside Voices

“I envision my role here at Pepperdine as not only a researcher or teacher, but also as a mentor to help train and prepare the group of next-generation policy makers who will become competent and thoughtful leaders.”

The Cut

Studies show that for equal work, women earn on average 20 percent less than men, and for women of color, the pay gap reaches as low as 60 cents on the dollar


The class of 2022 gathered for the President’s Reception at Brock House, President Andrew K. Benton and First Lady Debby Benton’s home on campus

Editor’s Letter

I am inspired by our very own Pepperdine community, especially the 20 outstanding alumni who left the worlds they knew so well and ventured to far-off lands to, quite literally, change the world with their unique skills and passions.