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The Summer 2019 issue of Pepperdine Magazine highlights stories of innovation, creativity, and the challenges of embarking upon unprecedented ventures. Pepperdine alumni, faculty, and a world-renowned cardiologist examine new artificial intelligence-powered tools in the healthcare industry amidst the technological age; Ben Holcomb (’14), Office of Admission staff member and videographer behind Pepperdine's four-year docuseries Rising Tide, explores the show’s 32-episode journey; Lori Gottlieb (MA ’10), a journalist turned psychotherapist, discusses her latest New York Times bestseller, currently being developed for television; Seaver College professors Lauren Amaro, Theresa de los Santos, and Nataria Tennille Joseph join forces with a group of students to investigate the benefits and consequences of social media groups for moms; and Judith L. Wood (JD ’81), an immigration attorney who has helped thousands of refugees, shares the details of her 40-year career, now the subject of a feature film.


From his formative years in Kansas to his final days in Malibu, President Andrew K. Benton’s legacy of leadership casts a long shadow on the future of Pepperdine
After enduring a devastating local mass shooting and a destructive wildfire, the Pepperdine community works together to demonstrate its capacity for resilience
A decades-long passion for assisting international students inspires an administrator to develop new programming at Pepperdine to ease the transition to college life in the US
Selected from hundreds of nominations, meet 20 of Pepperdine’s outstanding alumni abroad who are dedicating their skills and talents to improving lives around the world
Pepperdine’s newest residence hall takes sociability, accessibility, and sustainability to new heights
In honor of its 50th anniversary, the Graziadio Business School celebrates its entrepreneurial heritage and its dean’s vision for the future
The Pepperdine surf team makes University history when a new member wins a national surfing competition
During the George W. Bush administration, Troy Senik (MPP ’07) was one of the voices behind the most powerful man in the world. Today, he continues to shape public opinion in his own words
After surviving a hate-fueled shooting spree as a child, a psychology graduate student reflects on the complexities of recovery
Home isn’t always sweet, and the barriers to attaining—and maintaining—housing are abundant. Here’s what a group of Pepperdine people are doing about it
Amid a surge of social and political movements that have captured 
the nation's interest, Pepperdine students embarked on an annual experience to learn about the history behind the headlines
Student veterans share their experiences of combat, camaraderie, and the classroom
From Marilyn to Nehru, photographer Lawrence Schiller (’57) captured the incredible true stories of some of the most fascinating people in modern history.
See how extraordinary Pepperdine alumni are making a difference in their communities and careers.
Alumnus Robert Kyncl (MBA ’97) is devoted to digital evolution at one of the world’s most dynamic, creative, and disruptive entertainment destinations.
During a summer internship program in Israel, a group of students explores the rich politics, culture, and history of the Middle East.
A pioneer in behavioral therapy spearheads a new psychology program focused on treating autism spectrum disorders.
As the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution celebrates 30 years, Pepperdine Magazine reflects on the principles and players that have led to its indomitable track record.
Two alumni travel around the globe to spread Pepperdine’s mission of purpose, service, and leadership as Foreign Service officers.
In a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Seaver College students learn from one of the best in the history of Major League Baseball.
In her new memoir, Peggy Grande (’89) captures the intimate and inspiring moments she shared with President Ronald Reagan as his right-hand woman for a decade
The Graziadio School’s new dean reflects on his corporate odyssey and the future of business education
As the new director of the Center for Faith and Learning, John Barton helps set the “open table” of Pepperdine’s religious and academic mission
A professor reveals how new societal norms and government regulations are formed through strategic and scientific uses of airtime
A clinical psychology program at the Graduate School of Education and Psychology has graduated its first cohort of students trained to work with Latina/o families and communities.
In our inaugural list, see how extraordinary young alumni are making a difference in their communities and careers.
An election law expert shares his take on American politics and the 2016 presidential race.
In the second edition of her co-authored book, Graziadio School of Business and Management professor Bernice Ledbetter examines leadership from a perspective of faith.
A childhood curiosity about the world around him propelled School of Public Policy professor Wade Graham into a lifelong exploration of the landscapes that define our lives.
Brought up in the very school system that she now leads, alumna Michelle King (MS ’92) is uniquely positioned to impact the same community that helped shape her career and decades-long passion for education.
Caught between the choice to become a veterinarian or medical doctor, a scientist contributes to both worlds as a disease ecologist.
Singles and couples receive relationship and marriage insights from Christian therapists versed in science and scripture.
A documentary filmmaker joins the new Seaver College graduate program in cinematic media production.
A psychology professor and his former graduate student team up to develop an app that enables users to access cognitive-behavioral therapy in the palm of their hands.
By her teenage years, Linda Forster (’90) had already made an impact on the disadvantaged community of South Los Angeles.
Following four decades of military service, General Robert Neller receives an official order that changes the course of his life.
A cross-disciplinary initiative brings together the University in a lifestyle shift.
Each year, 10 first-year students part of the Posse Scholars Program at Pepperdine experience college through a unique lens.
Thousands of miles from campus, professors from around the University reflect on the journeys that brought them to Pepperdine.
Communication professor Bert Ballard digs into his past to impact the future of intercountry adoption.
Pepperdine aims to provide campus-wide support to meet the unique challenges faced by international students.
A Pepperdine project explores how women worldwide cope with the increasing demands of work and personal life.
The School of Public Policy summer internship program enables students to explore their passions in Washington, D.C., and beyond.
Pepperdine students use their education to help real-world enterprise.
A team of Seaver College physics students travels to a remote wilderness to further their research.
At age 73, Jim White ('64) is in the spotlight for his quiet work in McFarland, California.
Seaver College faculty members provide insight into their personal journeys with intellectual doubt.
The Campaign for Pepperdine makes history and affirms the University's vision for transforming lives.
An elusive species of fish unique to the California coast has captured the interest of Seaver College biology professor Karen Martin, her students, and the entire seaside community.
Clever content crusaders at McBeard Media are a close-knit family where nearly half of the employees are Pepperdine alumni.
Prison inmates helped Mara Leigh Taylor (MA ’03, MA ’06) find freedom and happiness.
A new book by Graziadio School of Business and Management professor Mark Allen (MBA ‘90) breaks down 13 talent management principles that serve to help corporations unleash greater potential from their employees.
California realist Wayne Thiebaud played a seminal role in the Pop Art movement of the 1960s. He developed a national following in 1962 with his signature paintings of popular American food, including pies, cakes, ice cream cones, and other sweets.
After enduring unspeakable hardship in her youth, a lifelong nutrition scholar improves health conditions in communities close to home and beyond.
After years of treating the challenges unique to African Americans in his private practice, Graduate School of Education and Psychology professor Daryl Rowe is developing the tools to lead them to recovery.
Harnessing a lifelong love of the sport and a devotion to his heritage, School of Public Policy alumnus Luke Salas reveals the reality of Cuba through the camera lens.
Three Seaver alumni who met as young men are now changing Indonesia’s infrastructure at the leading energy company in the country.
The Seaver College Office of Admission is responding to the growing population of first-generation students at Pepperdine with a dynamic pre-orientation program.
Five Graziadio School alumni are turning their passions into professions.
The deans of Pepperdine's five schools share their thoughts on higher education, leadership, and the 2013–2014 academic year.
Pepperdine professors and students get a never-before-seen look at ancient religious artifacts using an innovative imaging technology.
Faculty, staff, and students at Seaver College join forces to create a memorable, identity-enhancing Sophomore Experience for students who stay in Malibu.
Monty Moran (JD ’93) left law firms behind to pursue a not-so-likely career in the restaurant business.
Psychology professor Louis Cozolino reveals how both our brains and our relationships shape how we learn.
A GSEP student embarks on an out of this world journey to influence the future of space exploration.
The unique landscape of Pepperdine’s Malibu campus reveals the delicate role of fire in the local ecosystem.
After years on the periphery of cultural relevance, novels aimed at teenagers are suddenly front and center of popular fiction. We talk to three Pepperdine authors writing for the young—and the young at heart.
Pepperdine’s business and nonprofit management students provide real-world consulting services to nonprofits.
Alumni and faculty working as film and television writers share their creative secrets.
Seaver College students gain real-world experience in the Washington, D.C. Internship Program.
Pierre-Richard Prosper's (JD '89) roles as U.S. ambassador thrust him into the public eye, but it's his current position as partner at Arent Fox that has allowed him to tackle high-profile cases with diplomatic connections on a private level.
Pepperdine professors take on the science, faith, and mystery of the Higgs Boson.
On the 50th anniversary of his passing, Pepperdine University remembers the life and legacy of its founder.
This summer, as thousands of people from around the world travel to London to watch or compete in the 2012 Summer Olympics, a number of Pepperdine athletes and coaches will face their toughest competition in the hopes of joining the ranks of...
Globetrotting alumnus Harry Nelson (’50) tracks his record-breaking attendance at the Olympic Games.
Six Seaver students carry on the 17-year tradition of Pepperdine's acclaimed a capella group Won by One.
Daring to change the world one story at a time.
The Waves women’s sand volleyball team wins two history-making titles in its inaugural year.
How four alumni create the look of films and television shows.
Saluting students past and present who have served their country.
Examining the competing claims of law and religion.
The Private Capital Markets Project brings insight to small businesses.
Pepperdine Magazine takes a look at some of the many memories and milestones from Pepperdine’s historic 75 years.
The School of Public Policy dean reflects on 40 intrepid years at Pepperdine.
Dean Tacha hosted a distinguished panel of fellow women judges for an exclusive interview with Pepperdine Magazine.
As student pile more on to their plates, how do they deal with the pressure?
Graziadio School of Business and Management professor Joetta Forsyth offers personal finance tools for planners of all ages.
Pepperdine alumni recall their experiences abroad as the Peace Corps reaches a milestone.
Do you welcome the challenge of a new day on the job? Do you feel as though you are making a difference through your work? Do you find a higher purpose in what you do for 40-plus hours a week?
Science, Theology, and the Academy Come Together at the 31st Annual Christian Scholars' Conference.
On the eve of its publication, Larson shares an excerpt with Pepperdine Magazine.
A girl's obsession with her weight begins earlier than you might imagine.
Jay and Katherine Wolf rise above impossible odds.
The filmmaker gave up his wealth and found that less really is more.
How a picture can be worth a thousand thoughts.
Meet Carmen Landrum, one of Pepperdine's first graduates remembers the earliest days of the University.
Since 2006 Hawken has been leading the randomized controlled trial of Hawaii's Opportunity Probation with Enforcement (HOPE) program.
Wayne Strom celebrates 40 years in Pepperdine classrooms, helping business students unlock their full potential.
How should we respond to this latest encroachment of consumer technology?
Apple's iPad has taken the technology world by storm, but is it useful in the classroom? Pepperdine launches a new initiative to find out.
As families recover from unmentionable losses and neighbors confront the brutality they inflicted on one other, the need for healing and peaceful conflict resolution is as strong as ever.
It was in this precarious environment that new Markham principals Tim Sullivan and Precious Taylor Clifton reached out to Pepperdine University last year.
Media expert Nancy Shonka Padberg turns the spotlight on top issues facing the baby boomer generation.
Nothing illustrates that line more than how the themes of Pepperdine's first 20 years, 1937-1957, shape what we think and what we do in this University today.
In his new memoir, President Emeritus Bill Banowsky remembers the triumphs and tragedies that brought Pepperdine University to Malibu.
Pepperdine lawyers combat one of Uganda's most pervasive legal problems.
Pepperdine alumni and faculty share mental health techniques with very public patients on reality television.
In the wake of Haiti's devastating earthquake, the Pepperdine Community helps heal a bleeding nation.
NAWMBA Members Start a New Chapter in the Role of Women MBAs.
For years, British philosopher Antony Flew was known across the globe as a strident atheist. Everything changed with the publication of his book, There Is a God: How the World’s Most Notorious Atheist Changed His Mind (2004).
What budget cuts really mean Students and teachers returned to the classroom this fall facing the reality of uncertain economic times. Alumni educators offer an up-close-and-personal look at hot topics in education today.
Service has been at the heart of Pepperdine University since its founding, and today members of the Pepperdine community continue to use their skills and talents to find solutions to serve those in need.
Psychologists explore the enduring wounds and courage of our nation's veterans.
From air quality to water conservation, preserving Machu Pichu begins with the health of its neighbors.
The Union Rescue Mission, located in the heart of Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles, is the largest mission of its kind in the United States, dedicated to serving the poor and homeless.
Teaching individuals to become not only more enterprising but businessmen as well is beyond the capabilities of an academic business school.
When three law students spent their summer internships in Sofia, Bulgaria, they encountered a country in transition seeking new paths of progress.
Thema Bryant-Davis reveals how cultural influences impact trauma recovery and offers new paths to healing.
Doug Kmiec shocked the conservative political world when he publicly endorsed the presidential aspirations of Senator Barack Obama.
The Pepperdine community unites to celebrate the inauguration of the nation’s first African American president.

Campus Notes

Pepperdine’s first lady shares bits of Benton history from the presidential couple’s 35 years at Pepperdine
A psychologist brings her A game to Pepperdine as the University’s first-ever athletics counselor
As fire season heats up in Malibu, Pepperdine’s lieutenant of fire and safety preparedness tackles hot topics.
Explore fun facts about Pepperdine University

Inside Voices

“[Suffering] provides communities with opportunities to demonstrate how much they care with true kindness and generosity.”
“I envision my role here at Pepperdine as not only a researcher or teacher, but also as a mentor to help train and prepare the group of next-generation policy makers who will become competent and thoughtful leaders.”
“Pepperdine is listening and giving back to its alumni, and it’s doing amazing things to connect us once again.”
It’s no secret that Pepperdine students strive daily to demonstrate the fundamental values of purpose, service, and leadership in everything that we do
The great strength of Pepperdine is its faith-fueled caring community.
Waves have a tradition of always pulling for other Waves. They know that others have gone before them.
Convicted civility means that we can hear and process words with which we do not agree and that we can be unafraid to refute them with truth, courage, and confidence.
Education has for centuries been one of the most powerful forces to enable and empower the human race. This is true even more so at a place like Pepperdine, where the pursuit of wisdom is charged by investigations of both faith and reason.
Often when I interview prospective faculty members, I inquire if they know higher education terminology, and specifically if they are familiar with “high-impact practices.”
As one of America’s top 40 private institutions and one of the top 10 Christian institutions, we are even closer to George Pepperdine’s vision of what Pepperdine University should be: first-class academics in a strong Christian environment.
No question is off the table. No line of inquiry is out of bounds. The only requirement is that the research meets the highest standards of academic excellence.
The values of purpose, service, and leadership that Pepperdine both states and lives out have met and contributed materially to our family culture.
Almost everyone involved in the career mobility debate agrees that education is key to greater employment opportunities and personal wage growth.
While counterintuitive, recent statistical studies note that graduates with liberal arts training are not only employable, but they ultimately “out-earn” colleagues by mid-career.
Situated as it is on the magnificent Pacific coast, Pepperdine naturally makes much of its location. We are a “Pacific Rim” university.
Some predict that massive online open courses (MOOCs) offered for free by prestigious universities will soon obliterate undergraduate residential campuses.
When M. Norvel Young became the third president of George Pepperdine College on November 21, 1958, he spoke in his inaugural address of Pepperdine’s unique role in higher education.
Much has been written about challenges within American higher education. As one who has made a career of educating students, the criticism stings, especially when words are accurately aimed and hit their mark.
IT’s strategic partnership with faculty continues to innovate new ways in teaching and learning that prepare our students to meet the challenges of the 21st century.
Lisa Bortman, assistant provost for Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness, outlines the purpose of accreditation of colleges and universities in the United States.
I believe we intuitively know that it is better to give than to receive. Many grew up in homes where this principle was taught by parents. Some were never formally told this precept but nonetheless experienced it somewhere in life.
Charles Hall, dean of Pepperdine’s International Programs, explores the idea that studying abroad is a first step toward breaking down social boundaries.
In this era of Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Wikipedia, some might ask: why do we need libraries?
We want to give our students voices for change and societal good. We want the lessons of mind and heart to be absorbed deeply, and to impact indelibly.
From my perspective, strong athletic programs contribute greatly to the life of the individual athlete and the life of the university as a whole.
In his State of the Union address in 1996 president Bill Clinton famously proclaimed, "The era of big government is over!"
Our desire is to instill higher standards of success including principles such as giving cheerfully, bearing one another’s burdens, and walking the extra mile for someone else’s benefit.
We are highly motivated by this mission because we believe it is the best way our University can strengthen the lives of its students, serve its community, and in so doing, bring glory to God.
Dr. Douglas Swartzendruber addresses scientific knowledge and belief in God.
Academic Freedom Alive and Well at Pepperdine

The Cut

A note of thanks from the Pepperdine Magazine staff to President Benton
Studies show that for equal work, women earn on average 20 percent less than men, and for women of color, the pay gap reaches as low as 60 cents on the dollar
While the night sky looks basically the same as it did for the ancient civilizations, it changes drastically throughout the year due to Earth’s orbit.
Explore new mobile apps created by Pepperdine faculty, students, and alumni
Kevin McGowan (MPP ’10) offers tips for navigating through potential dangers and the fallout.
GSBM professor Darren Good (MA '02) shares tips from his research in workplace mindfulness.
The monumental cross that warmly greets Pepperdine community members, friends, and guests alike is called the Phillips Theme Tower, a structure that captures the University’s fervent spiritual focus present throughout the Malibu campus.
Since its founding in 1958, Associated Women for Pepperdine (AWP) has diligently dedicated nearly six decades to raising scholarship funds for students.
Learn more about the evolution of the Pepperdine University mascot.
With most Seaver College students participating in international programs, many attend student-led house church services, while others seek spirituality strength in different ways.
Each year, approximately 900 new Waves make their way to the Malibu campus for Seaver College New Student Orientation.
Pepperdine students and staff are finding new ways to achieve their goals through technology.
Pepperdine professors have unique interests beyond their expert academic knowledge.
We rounded up a list of some of this fall’s coolest classes across Pepperdine that, beyond capturing the attention of students itching for more than just another lecture, allow professors to express their own passions and spirit for the subjects.
Pepperdine continues to engage in responsible stewardship by undertaking practices that ensure the sustenance of our environment and natural resources.
The Pepperdine Volunteer Center (PVC) stands as a testament to the success of student leadership from its origins over 25 years ago through the current model of community-engaged learning.
As Pepperdine’s 2013 graduates crossed the stage to receive their diplomas and begin their lives as alumni, they were sent off by a distinguished group of commencement speakers who offered personal lessons they learned in life after school.
Pepperdine professors are updating their teaching methods to meet the distinctive learning needs of today’s student.
You asked and he answered. President Benton takes questions from Pepperdine Magazine readers.
Do you ever feel out of place with fellow believers—perhaps like no one “gets” you? It may simply be that you are a “winter believer” while they are “summer believers ” (or vice versa).
Pepperdine Pays Tribute to the Fallen Heroes of 9/11
There are films that, at least for me, have the qualities of the summer’s best films, but that you might not have stumbled upon yet.
Visiting professor of Humanities and Teacher Education, and Director of the Social Action and Justice Colloquium, Service Learning, and International Internships.
A public policy student's Indonesian teen survey yields hopeful trends in HIV/AIDS prevention.
An insider's look at a secluded corner of the Center for Communication and Business.
Finding new ways to stay connected when changes in life pull friends apart.
University chaplain Dave Lemley describes why we pray.
Stephanie Woo shares tips and advice for coping with the economic downturn.


Destroyed by the Woolsey Fire last November, the cross along the hiking trail just beyond Baxter Drive was replaced on December 1 by the brothers of the Sigma Chi fraternity.
The class of 2022 gathered for the President’s Reception at Brock House, President Andrew K. Benton and First Lady Debby Benton’s home on campus
Guests at this year’s Seaver College graduation ceremony were moved to laughter and shrieks when two brown pelicans dove into the crowd and caused quite a commotion.
Henry Price, professor of music, will retire this spring after serving Pepperdine for 25 years

Editor’s Letter

I’m incredibly proud to say President Benton has inspired my leadership through his humble approach, his gentle encouragement, and, perhaps most meaningfully, his implicit confidence in my abilities.
I am inspired by our very own Pepperdine community, especially the 20 outstanding alumni who left the worlds they knew so well and ventured to far-off lands to, quite literally, change the world with their unique skills and passions.
In the pages of this issue, we meet others who have confronted seemingly untameable forces with great conviction and emerged with a renewed sense of identity and purpose.
The Spring 2018 issue of Pepperdine Magazine explores the different meanings of home
As an editor, I know my best work is inspired by the threat of impending deadlines.
Champion. An advocate and a defender. A warrior. A winner.
Think of the last time you cried in a movie theatre.
Your Future. Under Construction.
How do you define leadership? Some might argue that the term defies definition and is unquantifiable by traditional measures of success.
What do you want to be when you grow up?
See what readers are saying about Pepperdine Magazine.
Unplugging. The concept seems so foreign in a digital age when we are constantly connected and feel a need to be available and “on” at all times.
In the last two issues we asked readers to share how they experience Pepperdine Magazine.
The beginning of the academic year is always an invigorating time to be working on a college campus.
See what readers are saying about Pepperdine Magazine.
Far from home, but close to the heart.
See what readers are saying about Pepperdine Magazine.
Thank you for supporting all of the dreams that Pepperdine University makes possible for every member of its family.
Thanks for the kind write-up. I’m so honored to have a wealth of talent surrounding me, driving the whole company forward into the great unknown.
Thank you, Dr. Rowe, for sharing your grandfather’s story and spirit that I hope will further the healing process for people of African American descent through vehicles such as Emotional Emancipation Circles.
Beyond DNA, what makes a family a family? Perhaps it is the qualities of support, caring, empathy, trust, and loyalty that allow us to create family in many environments.
See what readers are saying about Pepperdine Magazine.
Kris Knaplund counts these words of wisdom from Mark Twain among her favorite quotes: “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”
See what readers are saying about Pepperdine Magazine.
“If we’re going to have an effect on the community, we have to be a part of the community.”
In this issue of Pepperdine Magazine, we meet many in the Pepperdine community who are forging new ways to look at things.
See what readers are saying about Pepperdine Magazine.
“I could never have prepared myself for the beauty of music.”
See what readers are saying about the latest issue of Pepperdine Magazine.
Scientists at CERN discovered evidence of the Higgs boson, a particle believed to give others mass.
See what readers are saying about the latest issue of Pepperdine Magazine.
Champions. It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? It’s a word spoken often at Pepperdine these days.
Read what people are saying about Pepperdine Magazine.
“Whether we tell the story of a student, faculty member, alumnus, or donor, sacrifice is at the heart of every Pepperdine story.”
See what readers are saying about Pepperdine Magazine.
Pepperdine has special reason to celebrate this year. During the recent Waves Weekend 2011, the University kicked off its 75th anniversary celebration.
See what our readers are saying about the latest issue of Pepperdine Magazine.
This issue of Pepperdine Magazine is filled with stories of individuals who have embarked on their own personal and intellectual paths of discovery.
See what our readers are saying about Pepperdine Magazine.
The Council for the Advancement & Support of Education had honored our publication with an award in the category "General Interest Magazine—75k+ circulation" in our district.
I loved reading this delightful story! I enjoyed this glimpse of Pepperdine's earliest history.
We turn the spotlight on members of the Pepperdine community who have taken big, brave, and bold steps of their own.
As one who loves our church heritage and the stories of the people who shaped our movement, I am thrilled to have the Churches of Christ Heritage Center at Pepperdine.
At Pepperdine we believe that the learning process minds no boundaries and obeys no rules; it is free and wild and searching.
Find out what readers are saying about Pepperdine Magazine.
As we kick off the second volume of Pepperdine Magazine, we salute the visionaries among you, our readers.
Find out what people are saying about Pepperdine Magazine.
The start of each academic year is a time of excitement and change, rich with new classes, new friends, and new opportunities.
Find out what readers are saying about Pepperdine Magazine.
A collection of letters to the editor for the Summer 2009 issue of Pepperdine Magazine
Just a few short months ago we launched the new Pepperdine Magazine. Since then e-mails, letters, and comments have poured into our offices and onto the Web.
At this time of year, you hear a lot of talk about spring cleaning—letting go of what you don’t need to make room for what you do.