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Class Action Hero

While he may look like an average New York citizen at first glance, this modern-day superhero with exceptional eyesight spends his spare time fighting crime on the tough streets of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, often encountering dangerous conflicts with the Russian mafia causing trouble in his neighborhood. But he doesn’t fight for righteousness alone. He belongs to a special gang of professional—and mysterious—warriors known internationally as the Avengers, who call Barton “Hawkeye.”

In a world where physical appearance is not an accurate representation of one’s personality or identity, Hawkeye demonstrates that apparent simplicity is often a disguise for covert complexity—not unlike professor Lisa Smith’s writing class, which features a special assignment to analyze the 2013 standalone comic book starring the master marksman. Though Hawkeye: My Life As a Weapon is the shortest required reading assignment in Smith’s English Composition I class, students discover over the course of the assignment that it is unquestionably the most challenging.

While attending Comic-Con International 2016 in San Diego, Smith fatefully happened upon the convention’s Comics Arts Conference. The visiting assistant professor of English was intrigued by the academic focus of the event and the variety of educators and scholars engaged in analyzing the content of comic books on a level deeper than the average fan or reader. Inspired by the thoughtful examination of a medium not often explored in a university setting, Smith began to seriously consider incorporating comic books as a teaching tool for story analysis. Read the full article

David Chang


Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito Speaks at 41st Annual Law Dinner

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Pepperdine Magazine - Spring 2018

The Spring 2018 issue of Pepperdine Magazine explores the concept of home, and the different ways we are affected by changes in our living conditions. Alumni Elvina Beck (’08), Michael Lucarelli (MBA ’16), Paul Sirisuphang (MBA ’16), and Derek Day (MPP ’16) have contributed to developing new ways for individuals and families to find housing; Seaver College professor Dan E. Caldwell has teamed up with student veterans like Jessica Egan (’15) and Luis Murillo to help create a welcoming environment that will ease the transition from military life to civilian life; and Michael “Tank” Gonzales (JD ’08) and David Andrade (MPP ’11) traveled to Puerto Rico to feed those whose homes have been destroyed by Hurricane Maria.

Law Magazine - Fall, 2014

Highlights include a look inside the Parris Institute for Professional Formation; a 30-year legacy left behind by retiring professor Janet Kerr; and celebrating a 10-year milestone for the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution.

Colleague - Spring/Summer 2014

This issue features topics such as the significance of adult friendships; bringing clean water to villages in Zambia; and how a past life in the aerospace industry translated to a career in academics.