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How Sweet It is

“I literally could not walk up a staircase” isn’t something you expect to hear from a recent college athlete. At age 28 Laurel Gallucci (MA ’10) despaired as she felt her energy levels seemingly diminish by the day. She had spent most of her twenties combating Hashimoto’s disease, an autoimmune disorder in which sufferers’ own antibodies attack their thyroid.

Having been told years earlier that the disease was incurable, Gallucci had responded well at first to the synthetic hormone treatment traditionally prescribed for those with the disease. But after two years of the treatment, her health began to spiral downward. Gallucci’s energy was waning dramatically and she lost 40 pounds in just two months. She didn’t ovulate for years and worried that she and her husband would never have a family. In her fifth year of teaching in Beverly Hills, her father, a cardiologist, insisted she quit work and allow herself to heal.

With her faith in conventional Western medicine sorely tested, Gallucci turned to a functional integrative doctor. “She took one look at me and said, ‘I know exactly what your problem is,’” Gallucci recalls. “You need to go 100 percent grain-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free, and legume-free for a year, and then see if it makes a difference in your body.” Having been raised by a doctor, Gallucci did not question the relationship between food and health, and she decided to go with it. She was determined. Read the full article

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Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito Speaks at 41st Annual Law Dinner

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Pepperdine Magazine - Summer 2019

This issue of Pepperdine Magazine highlights stories of innovation, creativity, and the challenges of embarking upon unprecedented ventures. Pepperdine alumni, faculty, and a world-renowned cardiologist examine the ways artificial intelligence will continue to transform the healthcare industry; Ben Holcomb (’14), Office of Admission staff member and creator of Pepperdine's four-year docuseries Rising Tide, explores the show’s 32-episode journey; Lori Gottlieb (MA ’10), a journalist turned psychotherapist, discusses her latest New York Times bestseller, currently being developed for television; Seaver College professors Lauren Amaro, Theresa de los Santos, and Nataria Tennille Joseph join forces with a group of students to investigate the benefits and consequences of social media groups for moms; and Judith L. Wood (JD ’81), an immigration attorney who has represented thousands of refugees, shares the details of her 40-year career, now the subject of a feature film.

Law Magazine - Fall, 2014

Highlights include a look inside the Parris Institute for Professional Formation; a 30-year legacy left behind by retiring professor Janet Kerr; and celebrating a 10-year milestone for the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution.

Colleague - Spring/Summer 2014

This issue features topics such as the significance of adult friendships; bringing clean water to villages in Zambia; and how a past life in the aerospace industry translated to a career in academics.