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Mind Games

“If you vigorously shake a closed soda bottle, opening the lid will cause an explosion. This is similar to how the human body processes stress,” explains licensed clinical professional counselor Stephanie (Prince) Donaldson (’03). “Ideally, you cope with your stress before that much buildup is accumulated. But if you don’t deal with it and constantly push it down, eventually you will have to succumb to a release, which can feel like an internal explosion.”

Donaldson is Boise State University’s first-ever director of athletic performance focused on the mental health of student-athletes—a position that was created specifically for her after 10 years of part-time consulting with the school to help this particular population. Part of Boise State Athletics’ new Sports Performance, Health and Wellness department, she is a key member of a critical team of professionals and clinicians specializing in sports medicine, strength and conditioning, sports nutrition, and mental health created to treat the minds and bodies of student-athletes.

According to Donaldson, student-athletes face the same time management challenges as other college students, especially while attempting to keep up with hefty academic assignments and creating new friendships in an unfamiliar setting. Student-athletes in particular, however, must additionally adapt to the demands of a collegiate athletic career.

“Nowadays, with so much scrutiny and social media exposure, student-athletes are also trying to manage college life in the public eye, and that pressure can be immense,” she says. “Yet, the drive and passion that can make student-athletes be overly critical of themselves, if channeled in a positive way, can be instrumental traits that create opportunities and success for the rest of their lives.” Read the full article

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