Dr. Luisa Blanco Selected as National Institute of Aging's Butler-Williams Scholar

July 27, 2016  | 1 min read


Dr. Luisa Blanco, associate professor of public policy, has been selected to attend the Butler-Williams Scholars Program at the National Institutes of Health campus in Bethesda, MD, July 25-29, 2016. In the scholars program, sponsored by the National Institute of Aging (NIA), Blanco will explore research design relative to aging, including issues relevant to racial/ethnic minorities and health disparities. Lectures will cover topics in research on aging, including: the biology of aging; genetics and Alzheimer’s disease; and health, behavior, and aging. Discussion sessions will focus on methodological approaches and interventions. The program also will include consultation on the development of research interests and advice on preparing and submitting research grant applications to NIA.

The Butler-Williams Scholars Program is sponsored by NIA with support from the National Hartford Centers of Gerontological Nursing Excellence.