International Hip Hop Artist Mellow Man Ace to Perform and Speak at Payson Library

January 26, 2016  | 1 min read

Cuban-American rapper Mellow Man Ace will perform and lead a discussion in the Surfboard Room at Pepperdine University’s Payson Library in Malibu on Thursday, January 28, from 4 PM to 6 PM.

Born Ulpiano Sergio Reyes, Mellow Man Ace will perform some of his songs that utilize Spanish-English code switching, and talk about the ways in which he expresses his cultural and linguistic identity through his creative works. He will also discuss the ways in which his identity influences his daily life in Los Angeles.

Also known professionally as Lord Sha'mel Allah, Mellow Man Ace’s contributions to the global music world began decades ago as a member of Cypress Hill, the first Latino-American hip hop group to achieve multi-platinum records. As part of the first Spanish-language record to earn Gold status, his song “Mentirosa” is known for its continual Spanish-English lyrics.

For additional information about the Mellow Man Ace performance and discussion, and to reserve tickets for the event, visit the Pepperdine Libraries website.