Author Caron Gentry to Present Lecture on Racism and Misogyny in Politics

September 21, 2018  | 1 min read

Politics expert and author Caron Gentry will present “This American Moment: Feminism, Theology, and Politics in an Age of Anxiety” in the Surfboard Room at Payson Library in Malibu on Monday, September 24, at 4 PM.

Gentry, who currently serves as senior lecturer at the School of International Relations at University of St. Andrews in Scotland, will explore a bold analysis of the racism and misogyny that currently affect American and international politics. 

Her most recent book, This American Moment: A Feminist Christian Realist Intervention, combines feminist thought, theology, and political theory in search for new ways to examine some of our society’s deeply entrenched—and harmful—forms of privilege. 

This lecture is cosponsored by the Seaver College political science program and Pepperdine Libraries.