Boone Center for the Family Releases Free eBook for Church Leaders Tackling Contemporary Issues

January 24, 2019  | 2 min read

A new eBook published by the Boone Center for the Family at Pepperdine University seeks to empower individuals called to care for faith communities to discuss salient contemporary issues with their congregations. Authored by experts in the fields of theology and psychology, Vital Tools for Relevant Church Leaders: Restoring Relationships and Building Community During Difficult Conversations tackles the often challenging and demanding topics of marriage, singleness, parenting, sexual intimacy, pornography, anxiety, depression, and addiction.

“In addition to spiritual guidance, people turn to the church for emotional and psychological support,” said Sharon Hargrave, executive director of the Boone Center for the Family. “Church leaders need to be on the cutting edge of guiding their communities through complex individual and relational issues. Vital Tools for Relevant Church Leaders provides leaders with the latest facts and strategies for helping their congregations move from pain to peace.”

Drawing on theology, psychology, and the pain and peace cycle found in the Restoration Therapy model developed by marriage and family therapy expert Terry Hargrave, Vital Tools for Relevant Church Leaders features eight chapters written by members of the Boone Center's RelateStrong | Leadership Series staff. Featured authors include licensed marriage and family therapists Terry Hargrave, Sharon Hargrave, and Kelly Haer; licensed psychologist and Pepperdine vice president of student affairs Connie Horton; licensed psychologists Melissa Symington and Scott Symington; pastor Jeff Reinke; licensed marriage and family therapists Robin Reinke and Rhett Smith; and licensed marriage and family therapist and licensed professional clinical counselor Robert Scholz. The eBook also features a foreword by Reverend Chris Adams.

The book answers key questions such as:

  • What are the foundational concepts a church leader needs to understand to be able to help others facing relational challenges?  
  • With loneliness on the rise in America, what principles can the church use to encourage their congregations to build and maintain healthy relationships with others?
  • What can the church do to help people in relational stress beyond referring them to mental health professionals?
  • As the number of singles in the United States skyrockets, how can church leaders help singles feel a sense of belonging in their faith communities?
  • How can church leaders help those struggling with addiction discover greater relational peace within their families?

The eBook will also be used to supplement RelateStrong | Leadership Series Summits at Pepperdine University. Upcoming summits will be held in Carlsbad, California from March 5 to 7, 2019, and at Pepperdine’s Malibu campus from June 18 to 20, 2019. Learn more or register for a summit on the Boone Center for the Family website.

The Vital Tools for Relevant Church Leaders eBook is available free of charge on the Boone Center for the Family website.