Graziadio Business School to Celebrate 50th Anniversary with Smart Machine Age Conference

March 21, 2019  | 1 min read

Industry 4.0 - The Future of Humanity in the Smart Machine Age - Pepperdine Graziadio Business SchoolTo celebrate 50 years of academic excellence, Pepperdine Graziadio Business School will host Industry 4.0 - The Future of Humanity in the Smart Machine Age, a full-day conference designed to reflect upon the accomplishments of the school's past and explore future opportunities. The event will take place at The Novo in Downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday, April 2.

Industry 4.0 will include a range of speaking engagements, including a welcome message from Deryck J. van Rensburg, dean of Graziadio Business School. Denise Roberson, chief executive officer of Jadi Communications and marketing professor at Graziadio Business School, will moderate the discussions.

Featured speakers will include:

  • Steve Wozniak

Co-founder, Apple Computer

  • Salim Ismail

Founding Executive Director, Singularity University

  • Alison Lewis

Chief Marketing Officer, Johnson & Johnson

  • Alex Grimwad

Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer, Twentieth Century Fox Television

  • Dalana Brand

Vice President of People Rewards and Experience, Twitter

  • Bob Johansen

Distinguished Fellow and Past President, Institute for the Future

  • John Figueroa

Former Chief Executive Officer, Genoa Healthcare

Immediately following the panel discussion, attendees are invited to continue partaking in the day’s conversation during a VIP reception. The international Pepperdine community is also invited to join the celebration through Spigit, a crowdsourcing platform designed to increase employee engagement.

For additional information about Industry 4.0, and to purchase tickets, visit the Graziadio Business School website.